Vampire Vapes

Ready to try an e-liquid with a supernatural twist? The Vampire Vape range beckons with its exclusive collection of original and subtle concoctions. We bring this real delicacy right from England – get ready!

Heisenberg and Pinkman are the flavours that are most in demand. If you are recently trying out fruity e-juices, Pinkman is ideal for you – even though the flavour is strong, the artfully combined base of grapefruit, lemon, orange, and strawberry balances it out. It can be described as a citric fruit mix with a complex, deeply enjoyable tang. The cloud production is amazing, and arguably the best in the entire range.

Heisenberg e-liquid basically put Vampire Vape on the map. The “secret recipe” aspect is what attracted people. They went crazy for the mix of fruit and aniseed topped off with a menthol freshness that puts the cherry on the cake. The inhale is crisp and clear.

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