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We are the only manufacturer of Electronic Cigarettes truly using natural tobacco ingredients in the industry. Our products deliver electronic cigarette smoking sensation without the harmful ingredients, and the taste is far better than other products made of chemical ingredients in the market.  We insist in using only top grade ingredients and materials, such as 99% pure nicotine, PG/VG from American Dow, Grade A battery and top quality PP plastic.

All E-Sheesh e cig liquids and e cigs comply with and are fully tested in the UK. Due to our success , and rapid growth, HANGSEN, the World’s Largest E cig liquid Manufacturer have made E-Sheesh their Official UK Partners.

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Electronic Cigarettes – Harmless, healthier alternatives to smoking

If you are one of those smokers who think that there is no alternative to cigarette smoking, you might have not tried E-cigarettes yet. Electronic Cigarettes or E-cigarettes give you an ultimate experience of cigarette smoking which is a much healthier option in comparison to regular cigarette smoking. You inhale nicotine vapour, get the taste of tobacco and also get an instant nicotine hit through it. You get the complete experience of traditional cigarette smoking but without inhaling tar or damaging your lungs and don’t forget the stink that lingers around you hours after you smoke the traditional tobacco cigarette.  E-cig does not give you smelly breath. It gives you a smooth and luxurious smoking experience and also opens a door for you to quit the habit.

Regular and especially chain smokers find quitting smoking hard but with the help of these electronic cigarettes you can get rid of this harmful habit without making any kind of sacrifice. These electronic cigarettes are increasingly popular as ‘quit smoking device’ these days. We at E-Sheesh offer you a wide range of E Cigs that are made of superior quality materials. These cigs look and feel like traditional cigarettes and even emit artificial smoke. This smoke contains nicotine vapour but it does not contain carcinogen, the harmful chemical from tobacco. So basically our users inhale just nicotine vapour and enjoy the experience without harming themselves or others around.

Some people try nicotine patches and gums to quit their smoking addiction but these options give users a nicotine hit after a few minutes while our electronic cigarette give the hit in few seconds. Unlike traditional cigarettes electronic cig do not leave a smell on your breath and do not stain your teeth as well. We offer you much cheaper option to smoking - you can save between 80-90%.

We at E-Sheesh offer you the best electronic cigarettes and a wide range of electronic cigarette liquid in UK. The battery powered cigarette comes with a cartridge with liquid nicotine. Whenever the user inhales, the atomizer turns the liquid into vapour and in seconds you get the nicotine hit. You can pick cartridges of different strength. If you want to quit smoking you can reduce the strength gradually till you feel like you don’t need the nicotine hit any more. 

E-Sheesh is one of the most popular online destinations for electronic cigarettes (E Cigs) in the UK. We offer E Cig liquid in more than 50 variants. These liquids come in wide range of flavours to give the user an out of this world experience. They satisfiy your craving for nicotine or tobacco. An E-cigarette is not only a healthier option for smoking but keeps your friends and family safe from passive smoking as well.

E-Sheesh E-Liquids all come in 10ml child proof, 1inch needle bottles. (10ml of E-Liquid is equivalent to approx 180 - 200 cigarettes)